Chocolate sommelier school is an education program designed for individuals who want to expand their knowledge of chocolate and become experts in the field. In my courses, students will learn the history and culture of chocolate, the science behind chocolate production, and the art of tasting and evaluating chocolate.

They will also gain a deep understanding of different chocolate-making processes, from bean to bar, and learn how to identify and distinguish different cacao varieties and their unique flavor profiles. In addition, my students will learn how to pair chocolate with various foods and drinks, and how to present and serve chocolate in a professional setting. The book and tasting kit are free with the certification.

"Chocolate Sommelier School not only satisfied my sweet tooth but also opened doors to a new and exciting career as a certified chocolate sommelier, allowing me to share my passion and knowledge with the world."

- JJ

Hi, I’m your cocoa masterclass instructor, Chocolate Sommeiler Certifier, human-rights consultant and cocoa coach, Ethan Swift!

I am a BIPOC and disabled craft chocolate-maker based in Hawaii, and a former vegan gluten-free food cart operator in Portland, OR. I am a certified chocolate sommelier and chocolate educator, who has traveled to perform cacao ceremonies in 7 countries, delivers keynote talks on behalf of human-rights in cocoa and hosting chocolate-tastings in 8 countries. I am MOST passionate about spreading awarness about true-sustainability in chocolate-industry, teaching others how to purchase, acquire and taste exclusively child-slave free chocolate. Chocolate Sommelier School is certified child-self by Pono Coco 501(c)3.

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